SALZBURG HIGHLIGHTS: See the city and the lake district area

The City & Lake District Area Tour

Enjoy a full-day tour exploring the magical area of Salzburg!

During this tour we whisk you away in one of our glass-roof vehicles and drive and walk with yo through the city and drive to the lake district area.

This tour will begin with a drive through Salzburg to share with you some of the highlights of the area and get acquainted with local life. We also will take you on a short walk of Salzburg to provide you with the opportunity to witness close-up the beauty and the area and to enter buildings of historical and cultural significance.

We will then take you on a drive of the lake district area, including the lake of Fuschl, the lake of Wolfgang, with the village of St. Gilgen, and St. Wolfgang, which in addition to its fascinating location on the lake is home to one of the most outstanding altars in this area. You will soon learn why so many poets and artists find their artistic inspiration here. In the 19th century, the lake district was used by the last Austrian royal and imperial family for recreational activities and for its spas, and to this day people from around the world still come to this area to explore and relax!

Enjoy the best of the city and the surrounding. Combine the fascinating lake district area with the amazing and great history of the city of Salzburg.

We offer this tour described below; however we focus on tailor-made tours so we can adapt the tour specifically to your ideas, needs, or interests.

The tour will cover the following locations:

  • Palace and Garden of Mirabell
  • Markart square
  • Salzach river
  • Old town
  • Getreidegasse
  • Festival district
  • Dom of Salzburg
  • Squares surrounding the church and the former archbishop’s residence
  • Mountain of Gaisberg
  • Lake district area:
    • lake of Fuschl
    • lake of Wolfgang
    • the lake of Mondsee

Following the tour you will return to the pick-up location, unless you want us to drop you off at another location in the Salzburg area.

We look forward welcoming you at Salzburg, where a perfect symphony of history, art, mountains and lakes takes place!