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Yes, Austria and Central Europe is renowned for their magestic mountains (called the Alps)  but the
true magic of these areas is in the purity of their food! If you love food and want to partake in a new eating adventure, this is the tour for you. Along the route we will share with you the diversity of “alpine cuisine”. Try different things, see from where the best ingredients come, and learn how to best combine them.

The mountains and other regions of Austria and Central Europe have a profound impact on the people living here, from their family life, their work and their way of eating. Food preparation traditions are passed down from generation to generation with the combination of ingredients from the local area having a profound influence on toast and flavor.

In our tour of this area we will help you understand how the cuisine has been affected by the local regional influences and see how it provides inspiration for the cooks of the area.

Bein foodies ourselves, we have tours the area extensively to find the best locations and ingredients the local area has to offer and to share it with you. Cooks from all over the world come to this region in search of new inspiration, to find new herbs, and to create new combinations of herbs.


New flowers and herbs have been discovered in this area for use as herbs; and ingredients that had been used centuries ago have been rediscovered here. Recently, old recipes form this area have been reawakened to answer the demands for what is today called super-food or dome of the healthiest food again.

In Austria, ancients corn and wheat have been found for those with gluten allergies and that are much more nutrient-

dense than others.

Discover the subtle touches that result in the ultimate meal presentation and the intricacies it takes to provide a

gastronomical experience that will not soon be forgotten!

We are specialized in tailor-made tours and in creating an itinerary that meets your individual interests. We look forward to
sharing with you many facts of the food in this area while also showing you the magnificent scenery this area has to offer.
We will pick you up in one of our roomy and comfortable glass-roof vehicles to take you to some of the most delightful
and scenic areas where your senses will be invigorated.

Our ideas of restaurants include:

  • Michelin Restaurant Tegernsee
  • Michelin restaurant Vienna
  • gourmet restaurant Salzburg
  • michelin restaurant Munich
  • Michelin restaurant Innsbruck

This tour will span several days to ensure you the best dining experience in this beautiful area where nature offers here best ingredients and the best cooks get their inspiration!

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